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On today’s episode, Corry Maass and Sam Brodie are interviewing Bryce Adams. Bryce is the creator of  Metorik. Bryce had been running the largest WooCommerce store for Automattic and became increasingly frustrated with the lack of reporting that was available. During the evenings and weekends, Bryce spent his time building WooCommerce extensions, WordPress plugins, and small SaaS products. The simple Metorik app was built to address the frustration around reporting needs for a WooCommerce store. Bryce’s passion has always been around the metrics for WooCommerce stores. That was the start of Metorik.



Bryce Adams is the founder of Metorik. He developed an app that provides analytics, insights, and reports for WooCommerce stores through a user-friendly dashboard. The single dashboard unifies your store orders, customers, and products to help you understand the data and to help you make better decisions with your WooCommerce store.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Metorik is a SaaS-based WooCommerce Analytics platform.
  • Bryce concentrates his efforts on a great customer experience through his company Metorik. (4:00)
  • Bryce uses an onboarding process for each new customer which improves the experience. (4:47)
  • Metorik will show you how much you made in your WooCommerce store and other metrics that you could not get from WooCommerce alone. (5:28)
  • There are two parts to a store: How you run it and how you grow it. (5:53)
  • Metorik addresses what the store owner needs to make sense of it all.   The software provides metrics, KPIs, and allows you to filter through your orders. (6:20)
  • Metorik grew unintentionally as a management suite to analyze customer data and provide reporting. (6:50)
  • Metorik helps with integrations pairing your WooCommerce store with Google Analytics, HelpScout, ZenDesk, and Slack. (7:23)
  • Many features were developed from the pain points that customers were experiencing. (17:23)

Supporting a SaaS (Software as a Service):

  • Connecting WooCommerce to SaaS can be complicated because the user experience is different from downloadable plugins or themes in a typical WordPress environment. (9:20)
  • The WooCommerce API (which is an extension of the WordPress API) is how the user’s site is connected to the SaaS product. (11:20)
  • The Metorik SaaS solution provides an elegant way to connect and add a store without the typical license keys.  (13:24)
  • The environment is not standard for authentication and servers. (14:30)
  • SSL needs to be handled differently for a WooCommerce store. (14:42)
  • Every single site is effectively a different API with different endpoints and running with different versions.  (15:50)
  • SaaS allows the complete control over the product that the customer is using. (20:00)
  • SaaS Metorik allows you to enable data to stay in sync and maintain the orders of the store. (23:59)

Future of Metorik:

  • New features are being added that are the highest impact to the user. (26:36)
  • Metorik is addressing and improving the experience for users of subscription sites. (28:04)
  • Features that are being added are not being shown to all users if it is not needed. (32:00)
  • Metorik has always been deeply integrated with WooCommerce but the expansion out of WordPress is not a priority. (34:26)

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