Don’t get screwed when landing the big client

Want to land the big client? What happens when they ask for a $1 million insurance policy?

Welcome to the big league.

My next guest is C.C. Chapman author of Content Rules and Amazing Things Will Happen. In this interview we talk about what it’s really like dealing with a big client and how you should be ready for the challenge. C.C. used WordPress for big brand projects and then later sold the agency in 2009. Let’s dive right in and listen to this great story!

C.C. Chapman interview: landing the big client and getting ready to scale

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What we’re learning in this episode

I didn’t know where to begin summarizing this episode (because it’s so epic), so I’ll do a bullet point outline:

  • There’s snake oil salesman in every industry – how do we deal with it in WordPress? 
  • Running a big brand creative agency and then selling the business.
  • Build your brand by doing great work and good ol fashion networking.
  • If you’re not ready or willing to scale, you could get screwed with a big client.
  • Have a goal you’re trying to achieve.
  • Hand shakes and hugs trump likes and shares. (think about it!)

His only regret, not self promoting harder

Everyone is afraid to sell and it drives me nuts.

C.C. knew his first book Content Rules was top notch – but even he admits he didn’t push it hard enough. When you know you have something great, tell the world. Why not? What do you have to lose?

You don’t have to be all, “Pitchy pitchy, selly sell.” about it. (Thanks Chris Brogan)

Promote with confidence knowing that your product is better than it’s competition. If you have something with very little or poor competition, why wouldn’t you want to shout it from the roof tops?

You’re just a freelancer offering services? Why are you better than the next person? What’s the value you bring to a project? Tell us!

Amazing Things Will Happen

It’s the title of C.C’s second book and it’s the mantra of many entrepreneurs.

If you’re busting your hump, putting out great work, and letting the world know who you are the path to success will be prosperous. We’re not just talking money in the bank, but finding what you want in the life/career balance and forging great relationships along the way.

What do you think? Are you on the path to amazing things? Let us know!


One response to “Don’t get screwed when landing the big client”

  1. Another great one!

    I do think podcasts are making a bit of a come back and I think one reason is that there are more and more distributed people doing work. When you are remote, information doesn’t flow as readily to you that’s relevant. Sure you have Twitter and the whole ether that is the web, but the focused topics that podcasts provide on a weekly (regularly scheduled) basis is by far and away much better.

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