Managing the $50k web project

managing the 50k web project

Enter part 4 of our web design series, Managing the Fifty-Thousand Dollar Web Project.

The Matt Report Web Design Series

I’m stoked for this episode, not just because of the size budget we’re discussing, but because we aren’t focusing on WordPress.

Carson McComas is founder of Shopify Custom, a (you guessed it) custom Shopify agency. He recently re-designed Andrew Youderian’s e-commerce site, which included a $50k budget. He’s joining Matt Report today to discuss that project and others that move through the pipeline at his agency.

Why you should listen if you’re a client: At first the budget might scare you, but you will quickly realize there’s a lot more value included in a project of this size than just pushing pixels. We explore how we focus on your business goals and put a plan in place to reach them.

Why you should listen if you’re an agency: Carson brings a healthy perspective on delivering the value our clients want. We explore the best phases to invest time and money into, with all roads leading back to a solid ROI.

By the way, if you’re not just a little attracted to the Shopify ecosystem after this interview — you might need to check your pulse. :)

This is a must-listen episode. Enjoy!

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Setting web design budget and expectation

Web Redesign Part 2

It’s easy for us to sit back and tell consultants to raise their rates and set better expectations, but it’s another story when we are the customer.

Today’s guest is re-launching his company website and he’s here to tell us how he approached the process. Meet, Jason Resnick, expert WordPress developer, consultant, and business owner.

He’s in a special segment, as a developer who is routinely hired to build a solution like this, it is not unfamiliar territory for him. However, stepping outside of his comfort zone and setting a realistic budget is new to him. Interviewing designers that understand his goals and branding needs is new to him. Giving up the control of branding while letting someone else drive the bus — new to him.

When you know how the sausage is made, things tend to taste a little bit differently. Let’s dive in.

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3 Critical Phases of the Discovery Process

3 critical phases of discovery

The podcast is back!

We’re (finally) entering into that web design story line I’ve been promising you for quite some time now. I’ve been sitting on the entire series for the last 2 months, wrestling with ideas on how to release it.

  • One at a time?
  • In episode chunks?
  • Netflix style?

I’ve settled on doing a hybrid approach. We’ll do some chunky-Netflix. In today’s new episode, we uncover the 3 critical phases to the perfect discovery process. This is a complete walk-through of the Core OS process with a twist from Angie Meeker.

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Honoring Clint Warren

clint warren matt report

Life has a funny way of introducing you to a perfect stranger, forming that into a strong bond, and then ripping it away from you at the blink of an eye.

Last night, I learned of the passing of my friend Clint Warren a month ago to this day. Still beside myself of the news, I’m pressing publish in honor of his spirit.

The hardest part of this was not knowing of Clint’s passing until a month after it happened. I feel a deep disrespect for not honoring his passing when it happened. But what could I do? This is the new world we live in. A world where you make connections via tweets, hangouts, and e-mails. There is no alert when a tragedy like this happens. We just deal with it. It’s cruel, isn’t it?

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Warming up to


I’ll admit, I was skeptical when launched.

“Here’s another Digg,” I thought.

Do we really need another source of WordPress news? Will this just turn into a link farm? A popularity contest is the last thing WordPress needs. So I would pop in every now and again, dropping in some links and up-voting here and there. I wasn’t fully engaged with it as a source, because heck, I was doing my own twist on coverage in the industry.

It even stung a few times when I would submit my content and it got flagged. I think hyper-focused WordPress developers still aren’t wiling to open up to other angles of business as it relates to the WordPress ecosystem — but that’s another discussion.

No worries, this is par for the course when you have a community rating system and at the end of the day, it ultimately makes it the compelling reason to be involved.

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