How to reverse engineer your competition in 10 minutes

reverse engineer matt report

Knowledge is power.

What you’re about to read is not a magic bullet to beating out your competition. It’s also not some secret NSA-like dive into their data or secret documents. This data that is freely available to you, me, and everyone else on the web. I’m just stringing together data points that lead to building a robust discovery profile. In fact, I leave out additional public information in this article because I don’t want it to harm my test subject. The information provided here can help your own web presence, evaluate areas of opportunity against your competition, and aide in discovering new client projects.

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Minimal Viable Podcast

MVP Podcasts Matt Report

I listen to a lot of podcasts. In fact, my Stitcher app reports that I have over 1,000 hours of listening time since I started using the service. That doesn’t count when I had used iTunes, listened directly on a website or the hours of YouTube channels I consume.

I love podcasts. I love listening and learning. I also love the craft and production a show host bakes into her audio. Shows like Alex Bloomberg’s Startup, only 12 episodes in, is set to disrupt this decade old market. By delivering great story telling, mixed with quality production and editing, the listening experience is elevated to a whole new level.

Is this the world of podcasting to come? Do we all need to be this prepared and refined before we hit publish?

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Andrew Youderian of the eCommerceFuel podcast


I don’t recall exactly how I stumbled across Andrew’s podcast, eCommerceFuel, but when I did I was hooked.

Here’s an entrepreneur talking strictly about the e-commerce market, with a strong focus on physical goods. Normally in our space, we’re hearing all about the ins and outs of digital product sales, so it was refreshing to hear how traditional store-fronts are doing this. All the while, he’s not even a WordPress user! Hard to imagine right?

In today’s discussion, we’ll cover why Andrew has recently switched to Shopify from Magento and his thoughts on WordPress as an e-commerce platform. As a Youderian fan, I was really excited to record this episode so I hope you really get something out of it.

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Embracing business

embracing business

Today, I’d like to talk about embracing business. As creators of product, we’re always after the shiny object. If you’re like me, we’re constantly chasing the opportunity. Chasing an opportunity leads to a lot of conversations, hanging out at events, and spending time prepping your story. All the while we’re building the product, adding features, and pulling the 16 hour shifts.

We’re out there beating the streets and setting the world on fire. Before you know it, we’re making sales and that client list is growing. Naturally, we are embracing social and talking to everyone, who has time for business?

Hopefully, us.

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Embracing Social

Embrace Social Matt Report

I’m always surprised to find digital business owners that are not social savvy.

Actually, maybe I’m not anymore. I couldn’t begin to tally the amount of no response situations I find myself stumbling into. Be it an e-mail or a DM, there’s an alarming amount of business owners that just are not embracing social.

If millionaire, 400+ employee agency owners like Gary Vaynerchuck can do it, as well as billionaire’s like Cuban — you can too. In fact, I’d argue a very strong case that you’re going to be sorry in a year or two.

We’re moving more and more into the age of reputation business building — are you ready?

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How to journal for sanity

matt report journaling

All too often we get lost in thinking about creating content for a larger audience to consume.

We worry about headlines, retweets, and shares. Content is king and it’s the hottest advice for driving traffic to your website in today’s new search optimization world.

The thing is, it doesn’t really help our well-being. Sure, checking off “publish blog post” on your Wunderlist might make you feel accomplished in that moment but what about the long-term?

The weekly review is very important to me. It makes me feel in control and that I’ve covered all the bases for the upcoming week. By taking all of the floating ideas in my head and getting them onto paper (or digital) I can rest assure that I have action items to move forward with for the upcoming week.

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