WordPress is not easy

WordPress isn’t easy. There, I said it.

I’m willing to bet if you’ve spent any time using the software, you probably feel the same way. Even if you’re a WordPress expert, using the software is not without frustration. As a consultant, what I find even more frustrating, is the difficulty I have in recommending WordPress to a lot of new-to-the-web users or users with strict goals to launch their new business online.

I’m mentoring an accelerator class and 90% of the students need to make their mark on the web. Sounds easy enough, but within a deluge of learning business legalese, accelerator students can’t come up for air to learn the best practices of WordPress too. Quite frankly, they shouldn’t have to.

In the end, there’s simply too many moving parts for the newcomer to comprehend.

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wordpress training and blogging

Running a WordPress training or blogging business

WordPress has allowed me to kickstart and foster my own career in the digital age and I’m betting it has for you too.

That’s the beauty of such a highly-adopted open source web publishing platform, there’s always a layer of service or support that the market needs. Sure it’s free, but we all know what that really means. Over the years, businesses and organizations have called upon the likes of freelancers and agencies to aide in extending WordPress to fit their unique requirements.

But what if you’re not a developer or a designer? Heck, what if you’re not even a traditional consultant, how would you launch your own WordPress career?

Today I’m joined by Bob Dunn who built a career off of training and educating around the WordPress ecosystem. I’m bullish on this space and if you’re looking to dive into the deep-end — this is the episode for you!

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Captain Form Plugin Review

Do we need another WordPress contact form plugin?

The team behind Captain Form thinks so and they’re throwing their hat into the ring of contenders. There are plenty of form plugins in the WordPress space, so when another contact form plugin hits the market, you might think, “what’s the point?”

As someone who runs a WordPress agency, creates plugins, and talks to a lot of WordPress users, I hope the following review of Captain Form’s contact form plugin helps you decide. Can this plugin replace your existing form solution and will their features cause market leaders to stop and think? Or, is this just another form plugin to add to the pile?

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I lost my edge and so did you

Have you lost your sizzle? Maybe your pop, panache or mojo?

I’ll do you one better and ask, has anyone ever told you you’ve lost it?

That happened to me recently and sadly I knew it was coming. I met with a close friend during WordCamp US and she let me know that I’ve lost some of my edge. This wasn’t easy to hear, but something that I knew was coming. I could feel it. And It might be happening to you or even your product — right now. Let’s dive in.

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How to start a WordCamp

Are you part of a local WordPress meetup and you’re interested in growing that into an annual WordCamp? Or maybe you’re generally interested in what goes on behind the scenes for our heroic organizers?

If so, I’ve brought on David Bisset and Ptah Dunbar, part of the organizing team for WordCamp Miami 2016 to chat about their experiences planning their next event. They’ve been successfully involved with the Miami Meetup & WordCamp for the last 8 years, which is quite the milestone. Kudos to them and their contributing team for keeping an amazing group running for such a span of time.

We were a bit short on time, so this is quite the lightning round discussion where we provide tips for an organizing a team, how WordCamps can break down (technical) barriers, and how we hope to make a real impact within local communities.

If you’re looking to make an official start, check out the Become an Organizer page on the WordCamp planning site.

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A Timeline of Influencers

Running a digital company isn’t easy.

Those that think new age entrepreneurs are just Starbucks sipping hipsters pushing pixels on a laptop screen need to walk a mile in our shoes. There’s a certain “something” missing when you’re not flocking with society on a daily basis. For example, I run a distributed digital agency, which means that I have a small team that I see in office with another small remote team that mostly communicates through Slack.

While outsiders commute on a train, take lunch breaks, and generally walk and talk with a lot of human beings during the day — digital nomads, like us, are mostly siloed. So what is that missing piece to the puzzle? For me, in the context of this discussion, it’s not having immediate peers and colleagues that we can learn from or look up to. Even a boss or owner that wants, heck, motivates us to be better. So where do we turn to for motivation and guidance?

It’s within our nature to exist, communicate, and learn online, so following online personalities as intimately as social media allows, is a go to thing. Personalities that strike you as knowledgeable, successful or that embodies a certain skill that you’re passionate about improving in your own business and life.

Today, I started to think about the personalities that I’ve connected with over the years and how they have shaped my career over time.

Who is in your Timeline of Influencers? 

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