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The Plight of The Cobbler


One day you woke up and said to yourself that you wanted to control our own destiny. No more listening to the man or long hours stuck in a cubical.

“This podcast said I could do it!” you shout. So you went to work.

You found your first few customers through friends of friends and that extra $500 going into the weekend was damn nice. Back then it was easy, because you were honest. You were honest with yourself and your customer.

“Hey, I’m just starting out with this whole web design thing, but I can do it for ya.” You didn’t know it, but you were setting the client to consultant expectation. Somewhere along the way you’ve lost that.

The Cobbler finds herself lost in the work and not in the journey.

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DigitalOcean for WordPress Hosting & Staging


My father grew up tinkering with cars and I grew up tinkering with servers.

Back in the day, I was a computer salesman at Circuit City. Small Office/Home Office was the name of the department – team SOHO. Funny, as if people were only buying PC’s and technology for office work! A customer came in one day looking for the cheapest computer he could buy as he rummaged through the open box specials. I sold him a $250 NEC tower 450mhz Pentium II w/ 512mb of RAM. Today’s smartphone is 25x more powerful (yet oddly enough still lags.)

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How to reverse engineer your competition in 10 minutes

reverse engineer matt report

Knowledge is power.

What you’re about to read is not a magic bullet to beating out your competition. It’s also not some secret NSA-like dive into their data or secret documents. This data that is freely available to you, me, and everyone else on the web. I’m just stringing together data points that lead to building a robust discovery profile. In fact, I leave out additional public information in this article because I don’t want it to harm my test subject. The information provided here can help your own web presence, evaluate areas of opportunity against your competition, and aide in discovering new client projects.

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Minimal Viable Podcast

MVP Podcasts Matt Report

I listen to a lot of podcasts. In fact, my Stitcher app reports that I have over 1,000 hours of listening time since I started using the service. That doesn’t count when I had used iTunes, listened directly on a website or the hours of YouTube channels I consume.

I love podcasts. I love listening and learning. I also love the craft and production a show host bakes into her audio. Shows like Alex Bloomberg’s Startup, only 12 episodes in, is set to disrupt this decade old market. By delivering great story telling, mixed with quality production and editing, the listening experience is elevated to a whole new level.

Is this the world of podcasting to come? Do we all need to be this prepared and refined before we hit publish?

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Andrew Youderian of the eCommerceFuel podcast


I don’t recall exactly how I stumbled across Andrew’s podcast, eCommerceFuel, but when I did I was hooked.

Here’s an entrepreneur talking strictly about the e-commerce market, with a strong focus on physical goods. Normally in our space, we’re hearing all about the ins and outs of digital product sales, so it was refreshing to hear how traditional store-fronts are doing this. All the while, he’s not even a WordPress user! Hard to imagine right?

In today’s discussion, we’ll cover why Andrew has recently switched to Shopify from Magento and his thoughts on WordPress as an e-commerce platform. As a Youderian fan, I was really excited to record this episode so I hope you really get something out of it.

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