11 Ways to support your WordPress theme or plugin

11 ways to support your customers

With so many tools and communication channels available to us, choosing how you support your WordPress product can be a real head-scratcher.

Luckily, in today’s episode, Devin and I are here to explain the best methods we’ve found that work in our respective businesses. If you’ve been in the WordPress product business for a while now, you know how interesting support can get. Depending on your product, your support channel can span fairly broad spectrums. From supporting agencies that are using your plugin for client work, all the way to first-time WordPress users that just purchased your theme.

Bridging that gap is always a challenge. Our products are expected to work in an ecosystem that we have very little control over. Think about the various hosts, versions of WordPress, and conflicting plugin code a user might be running. It’s actually quite scary when you think about it. Recently the team at Yoast wrote about their headaches launching a new version. A good read for anyone considering pushing out a major update.

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Be a great podcast guest

be a great podcast guest

We live in an age of information and “how-to do anything” tutorials lay at our fingertips.

If you’re looking to start a business online, there’s a massive amount of self-teaching content for you to consume produced by “teachers” that created said content, through the same means. To the point where, literally, anyone from any background might label themselves a “teacher.” We are disrupting the traditional educational system and creating our own economies through digital infoproducts. That said, when it comes to online business building, there’s a lot of bad advice out there.

Let me repeat: a lot of bad advice.

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S2 E7: Are WordPress themes a viable business?

wordpress themes business

Can authors still make money selling WordPress themes?

In today’s episode, Jonathan Atkinson an Envato Exclusive Author, joins Devin and I to discuss the current state of affairs in the WordPress theme marketplace. Atkinson shares some deep insights into Envato’s recent corporate restructuring, impact of multipurpose themes, and progressive competition in the space.

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Hello, my name is Profit: A guide to talking to your clients about profitable projects.

hello my name is profit

Dear readers,

The following conversation is made available to help agency owners and clients understand the importance of running a profitable web project. If you’re an agency, this can help start the conversation with your clients. If you’re seeking to hire someone, this is a great primer to work with one another.

Thanks for inquiring about your project!

We love launching new and engaging projects for our customers. Each project is an opportunity to bring your vision to life, and help you reach the goals you’re striving for. Soon, we’ll start to discuss 90% of our client’s concern: Cost.

Before we get there, we need to discuss how to run a profitable project for both of us. As much as we all hope to repurpose existing technology or off-the-shelf designs, we must realize that your idea is unique to you and your goals. That is to say, we don’t have a cookie-cutter solution that we can simply plug in for you. We’ll need to properly plan, outline goals, and do the work to make it a real success.

You probably couldn’t throw a stone without hitting another boutique agency. We recognize this as our opportunity to gain your trust and develop a relationship, because in a world where you can hire a developer for $5, we deeply value your business. Most custom projects go beyond 90 days, especially if you need support, so reassuring trust for both parties (you and I) is paramount. We’ll be working together for a while!

We have a great team and an amazing process, and we will work tirelessly together to reach your goals; but before we begin, I want you to meet someone:

Hello, my name is Profit. How can I help?

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WPCampus: Higher Education and WordPress


Rachel Carden is a web developer & designer within the student affairs division at the University of Alabama. Carden is also the driving force behind the latest WordPress conference, WPCampus. In today’s episode, we discuss the different challenges of managing web projects at large universities and the challenges that come with starting a new community movement. The insights shared in this episode will help WordPress consultants and community organizers alike.

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Cure your product marketing woes

marketing your WordPress products

Does real marketing in the WordPress product space exist?

For the past few weeks, I’ve been chatting with other plugin and theme shop owners and asking what their marketing strategy looks like.

• Do you have a paid marketing position at the company?

• Do you have a set budget to spend?

• Have you defined a target market for your product?

The responses have been disappointing. Most owners I talk to aren’t really pursuing marketing with a plan or goal in mind.


I can only assume what the most common factor is: money. The majority of WordPress product companies aren’t making enough money to hire full-time marketing professionals to create engaging campaigns that grow an audience and increase sales. I stress engaging because I’m looking for something more than the occasional blog post or boosted Facebook ad.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the companies — big and small — that are doing things right, and how you can use their tactics to aid in the marketing of your own product business.

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