Mike Vardy: Learn to manage your time, clients, and expectations

Want to learn how to be more productive in your freelance career or WordPress business?

If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet Mike Vardy a productivityist by day, author and blogger by night. I invited Mike on to the show to talk to us about becoming more lean and mean with our daily work habits and freelance business. That’s not all Mike is good for — he’s been using WordPress for years and has some amazing feedback.

Let’s dive in!

Mike Vardy interview about using WordPress as an Editor and Productivityist

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“There’s nothing worse than submitting an article to an editor and it’s written in Word”

Why I interviewed Mike and why you should care

Aside from the fact he’s downright awesome — he’s giving us another angle.

I think it’s super important to talk to the users of WordPress so we — as the “pro” — can fully understand how the people on the outside view the software.

You might be doing this already with your own client base. Listening is a very important piece to becoming a better freelancer or small business entrepreneur. We need to take into account how the people are interacting with the product and service we put out.

What does WordPress mean to my client?

Do they care it’s WordPress or just that it will get the job done?

What is WordPress solving for this particular project?

What do you think?

On productivity

Productivity porn. Yep, he said it.

There are a TON of productivity apps, resources, videos and so on.

We talk a lot about that in this interview, so make sure you give it a listen. Mike recommends getting a good feel for what works for you.

If it doesn’t feel right, don’t force it into your daily routine. This is something I try and practice everyday.

How do you stay productive?

Did you like hearing this 3rd person view? Are you going to be more productive? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Thanks for having me on, Matt!

  2. Good stuff guys! Enjoyed the video.

      1. You’re welcome mate! Look forward reading some of your content. Any recommendations where to start?

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