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How he turned blogging into his business

Imagine you are working with new client and during your discovery meeting the business owner tells you they want to work with you to fix up their website, especially the area for to be used for blog posts.

The business owner shares their commitment to writing weekly content to increase awareness about their new product line. The content will be shared on their website, in an new email newsletter and on social media channels. You set up a nice space for the new content but after a few weeks you check back to find that nothing has been added beyond the original set of articles provided to you at the start of the project.

In a conversation with the business owner you find out that other pressing issues came up which diverted attention from creating the weekly articles.

In this Matt Report interview, Dayne Shuda of Ghost Blog Writers shares how his company helps business owners maintain their commitment to sharing regular updates with their target market. He takes a long term view on creating regular blog content for his clients. Dayne focuses his efforts into working with clients who want regular content created that can be used in various marketing channels but don’t have the resources to do it in-house.

Interview Dayne Shuda

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What happened during the conversation between Matt and Dayne
(Times correspond to video)
1:45 How do you find clients that need content work for their blog?
2:50 Is blogging the primary place to start with for content display?
5:20 How do you manage when a client asks for extra services that are outside your primary focus?
6:50 Do you remember the time you started to say “no” everything else besides creating blog posts?
8:30 How do you find partners to hand off work to?
9:45 Were you every reluctant to get out from behind your desk?
12:20 How do you onboard a new client especially for an industry you are not familiar with?
15:00 How do you educate clients who are fixated on the inexpensive approach?
17:40 How do you find clients that have a longer term approach to the project?
19:40 Do you use a questionnaire for clients to fill out before working with you?
21:00 How do you find freelancer writers to work with you in your business?
24:25 How do you manage a remote/distributed workforce?
27:00 What technology do you use for the displaying blog posts?
30:00 Is there one technical thing that WP could do better?

List of Resources Mentioned

Book: Quiet: The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain
Plugin: Yoast SEO
Hosting: Synthesis
Backup: VaultPress
Plugin: Co-Schedule by Todaymade

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4 responses to “How he turned blogging into his business”

  1. ninjamonk Avatar

    I can vouch for Dayne’s service, I have used them for a couple of months and couldn’t be happier.

  2. Great episode.

    I’m a freelance blogger so it was great to hear about another way of working in this field.

    Would love to get into the agency model at some point so this podcast was very useful.



    1. Thanks Joe and thanks for stopping by!

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