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Do we need another WordPress conference?

How Josh Broton (along with co-founder Kiko Doran) came up with the the idea for Prestige Conference might suprise you.

After speaking 20 conferences over the last year, Josh noticed a trend. He was bad at selecting good sessions at conferences, especially inexpensive, multi- track tech conferences. To solve that problem, the idea for Prestige conference was born. Two primary issues were addressed in the planning of Prestige conference:

  • Create focus around a single stream of sessions that all attendees would partake in.
  • Arrange to bring in the best speakers, not just those speakers that could afford to pay for traveling to the event.

The first Prestige conference “A premium interactive business and career development conference” is happening in October, 2014 but more locations and dates are already in the formulation stage. All of the speakers for the October 2014 conference are leaders in the WordPress community.

Josh’s professional development experience at has parallels to his experience working on Prestige Conference. At Josh Broton has been involved in creating solutions to in-house problems and refining those solutions into product offerings. Even if the product offering does not catch on in the open market, it still can have value internally.

Listen to this interview hear how to estimate a time budget if you are thinking about creating a new event to connect members of a new or established community.

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What was discussed during the conversation between Matt and Josh Broton
(Times correspond to video)
1:30 Who is Josh Broton?
3:00 What’s going on in the Dakotas?

Startups on the coast are making no money very loudly. Startups in the midwest are making alot of money very quietly.

5:00 What kind of splash are you trying to make with Prestige Conference?
12:25 What are the other goals for Prestige Conference?
14:30 What do you produce at and what is the profitable product that you are building?
16:40 At is the business model set up for bootstrapping product/app developement with client services at the same time?
18:50 Is product building to solve your own company need ingrained in the culture of’s?
20:45 How can you determine if problem is scalable or can be productized?
24:45 How do we launch a Beta round and do we charge for it?
26:45 What is the takeaway lesson for a freelancer or small agency is looking to launch a product?
28:00 What is the takeaway lesson for a freelancer or small agency is looking to start a conference?

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