Improving your onboarding experience with Jennifer Bourn

Attention WordPress agency owners…or hopeful owners!

In today’s episode, I sit down with Jennifer Bourn of Bourn Creative and hash out what it takes to go from freelancer mode to agency mode. One of the lessons I’d like you to take away from this chat is sharpening your onboarding process.

That subtle, yet oh-so-important phase from the first e-mail contact up to price negotiations round. We’ll cover that and more in today’s episode!

Interview with Jennifer Bourn

Can you purchase one specific software package and get the magic key to organizing your business, getting more clients and generating more revenue? Acquiring a software package is just a the first step to creating a path or process called client onboarding. As Jennifer Bourn explains, she spent a year setting up the software package she selected for Bourn Creative with heaps of customized materials. She built a procedure to escort her carefully screened new clients through their journey of creating and launching their new website.

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What was discussed during the conversation between Matt and Jennifer Bourn
(Times correspond to video)
2:00 When did you change your mindset from being in the freelancer world to the agency world?
3:45 How important is trust when you are bringing on freelancers or part time employees?
6:10 What do you look for when bringing on a developer to a project
8:30 How do you introduce the team concept to the client?
10:45 What is your new client onboarding process like?
14:00 How and when did you realize you needed to charge for discovery process with clients?
17:00 What are the red flags that stop you from working with a client?
18:30 How do you structure your payment terms?
21:00 How did you decide that Infusionsoft was the proper long term solution for your business?
23:00 How does Infusionsoft replace the need for hiring additional staff members?
31:00 What is your best channel to find new clients?
32:20 What other software do you use that pairs well with Infusionsoft?

List of Resources Mentioned

Prestige Conference (Matt and Jennifer are both presenting)
Examples of User Onboarding for popular Apps


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2 responses to “Improving your onboarding experience with Jennifer Bourn”

  1. This is an awesome interview! So many of the questions, I couldn’t wait to hear Jennifer’s response. Amazing systems and processes ya got going on.

    Looking forward to seeing you both present via stream at Prestige Conference. 🙂

    1. Thanks Karissa! See you there!

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