14 Great WordPress business tracks you can watch from the couch

Recently, there’s been a lot of buzz about business tracks and their place at WordCamp.

Last week while listening to the DradCastChris Lema’s opening remark was a “call to arms” for WordPress freelancers.

Start taking the business end seriously, so clients and industries take us seriously.

While listening to Chris, I thought to myself “Hey, I’ve got a business track right here.” The goal of the Matt Report has always been to educate entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. In our case, WordPress entrepreneurs.

MattReport.com is a WordPress business track

Let’s go back to Chris again.

I think he realizes that some freelancers aren’t thinking about operating a scalable business. Heck, even some of the freelancers I interview specifically avoid it because that’s not the direction they want to take.

And that’s OK.

But for those that do — where do you begin? I have interviewed a wide range of people making a living using WordPress and below is a very small sample of categorizing these lessons. I think this is the foundation of a great WordPress business track that you can all for free. Right. Here.

Operating a freelance business

Supporting customers and clients

Building a scalable business

Launching a SaaS product

Selling WordPress plugins

Marketing your WordPress business

The future of WordPress business

A new conference in town called PressNomics covers this at a larger scale. Another new “meetup” that came across my radar is WordSesh.

Both are breaking for the “norm” of a WordCamp. PressNomics is all about the business, WordSesh is an online live streaming 24hour marathon.

I’m super excited to be in WordPress during this growth period. We’re forging new roads — which will you take?

So far I’ve interviewed 30 WordPress entrepreneurs of which I’ve published 20. (The rest will be published soon, I promise.)

Developers, designers, marketers, bloggers, authors, and business owners. If you have a story lesson to share, let’s connect.

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