Andy Stratton

Andy Stratton: The ferocious journey of a WordPress entrepreneur

What do you get when you combine a WordPress web show thirsty for entrepreneur knowledge and a guy who did a talk dressed in a crushed velvet robe topped with a captain’s hat?

Near 2 hours of awesome talk about running a WordPress business.

Don’t worry, I’m not giving it to you all in one sitting. I’ve split this recent interview into two parts with a bonus episode to follow.

Enough blabbering – let’s meet Andy Stratton. A WordPress developer turned founder of; wearer of many hats, talents, and performances. Like many developers I’ve interviewed, he’s a self proclaimed introvert, but you would never know from this web show.

On to Andy and all his greatness!

Andy Stratton Part 1: The ferocious journey of a WordPress developer and entrepreneur

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We chat about how Andy got started in WordPress development, starting his freelance business, and growing it along the way.

Andy Stratton Part 2: Learning the pain points of client services and the famous lightning round

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We talk about all the pain points, failures, and lessons learned that brought him to start Looking for the BONUS video of the ground level view of building his new business? Stay tuned!

Holy crap! Andy is a beast!

Wow what an episode THAT was! Wait ’til you get access to the bonus interview.

There’s so much to take away from what Andy told us. My favorite part about Andy is his realness. He’s walked the same walk a lot of us had starting out in this industry.

He was developing on the side during his day job. He was the “500 dollar guy.” He was hacking in AOL chat rooms at a young age. (wait we all did that right?)

What I want you to really take away is how Andy progressively elevated his game year after year, project after project. You get a sense that Andy enjoys life, loves his work, and dosen’t take it all so serious.

I think this is super important when you’re in the client services field.  The rough patches can really bring you down and if you don’t form a thick skin early, it will make things increasingly difficult as you scale up.

Where’s this dang BONUS episode?!

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Feedback on the interviews?

This was my first 1 hour+ interview. I’m trying to stay away from editing interviews because of the time it takes. I’m also shooting to keep the average interview down to abou 30-40 minutes tops.

What do you think? Do you like the longer interviews or would you rather they stick to a shorter cap?

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3 responses to “Andy Stratton: The ferocious journey of a WordPress entrepreneur”

  1. In regards to your discussion in part 1: Wearing shoes and being dressed properly when you work, I completely agree. I absolutely have to get propely dressed and have my shoes on to have the energy and motivation to work properly. It’s a must to separate mindsets / environments… as you said it’s part of the working routine. It makes a world of difference.

    I also tend to stay off of comfortable furniture and love to stand up at my desk while working. I feel much more energized that way and I’ve noticed I get a lot more done.

    Keep up the good work guys. 

  2. Andy gives great business advice on clients and pricing. I briefly met Andy at WordCamp Grand Rapids 2012, but I definitely missed out by not talking to him more!

    1. Yea @theandystratton is a smart fella 😉

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