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  • Don’t just stand there with your hands out

    Don’t just stand there with your hands out

    The greatest reward from starting the Matt Report podcast are the new relationships I’ve made. I get e-mail’s like this all the time: “Are you getting qualified leads from the podcast?” “How is the conversion rate to your newsletter?” “What’s it like being a WordPress celebrity?” Humbled by the 3rd, but I reserve that for […]

  • When They (Or You) Want It More

    I’m recovering from a hangover as I write this. A hangover from the New England Patriots losing by a touchdown to the New York Jets in the playoffs. It was by far one of the worst games I’ve seen Tom Brady run in some time. Throwing away more passes than he had in an entire […]

  • 8 Ways To Remind Clients What You Do

    8 Ways To Remind Clients What You Do

    Doing some reading over the weekend has prompted me to think about this question: “Do my client’s know who I am and what I do?” Think about it. If you’re a freelancer and you’re developing websites, does your client know that you can also develop mobile apps? If you’re a graphic designer, does the client […]

  • My List

    With Christmas a few days away there has been a lot of talk about Lists. Shopping lists. Grocery lists. Good lists. Naughty lists. Seth Godin just asked who is on your list? List of clients, teammates, vendors, and colleagues. If we work together or we bounce ideas off one another – chances are you’re on […]

  • Stop Listening To Yourself

    In the last month, I’ve noticed an increase of posts in the blogosphere about self-help. Recently, I posted about slowing down and cleaning up your priorities. Chris Brogan has recently said, You Are So Stupid. I would like to run with his concept on this. This week, keep a running note of the things you fight […]