Stop Listening To Yourself

In the last month, I’ve noticed an increase of posts in the blogosphere about self-help. Recently, I posted about slowing down and cleaning up your priorities.

Chris Brogan has recently said, You Are So Stupid.

I would like to run with his concept on this. This week, keep a running note of the things you fight yourself on. It could be the current client project your working on to cleaning out the garage.

If the little voice in your head is coaching you to NOT do – then you’re creating quite the limit on your abilities. At the end of the week, review the notes you’ve taken and act upon them. Turn them to positive and rethink how you can do better.

As a Web Professional, staying on your A game is one of our best tactics. If you’re not keeping your inner self in top shape, chances are your not emitting the energy to perform your best.

Let me know below – what do you struggle with the most?


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