When They (Or You) Want It More

I’m recovering from a hangover as I write this.

A hangover from the New England Patriots losing by a touchdown to the New York Jets in the playoffs. It was by far one of the worst games I’ve seen Tom Brady run in some time. Throwing away more passes than he had in an entire season. Only Alge Crumpler looked to be on his game and even he dropped a TD pass.

So what went wrong?

Maybe they had a better playbook? Maybe the match-ups were better? Maybe they were running new schemes that the Patriots weren’t ready for?

Or maybe the Jets just wanted it more.

What we are learning

  • Competing at a winning level
  • Coming from the bottom to the top
  • Passion

When Underdogs Become Champions

A lot of sports fans think it’s bogus when you say “the other team wanted it more.”

They stack up all the statistics, numbers, and match ups to make their case. Drill it down to play calling and coaching. For whatever reason they don’t take heart into account. Passion to win and urge to become a champion.

When You Were A Startup (or still are)

Think about when you started your company. You were going to topple the big guys. Take them down by providing better service and possibly a superior product. You knew you could do it better because the big guys didn’t care about their customers or improving their service.

And let’s face it – you didn’t stop – because you couldn’t.

If you gave up or slowed down for even a split second, your dreams and hard work could be lost. It’s not something you could risk – this is your life.

Passion To Win

You have the passion to win.

You aren’t starting up this company for the fun of it. And if you are, it’s because your passionate about having fun. It’s the lifestyle you want and you’re going to reach out and grab it.

There’s something that the underdogs have that the champions don’t – they are hungry.

Hungry to capitalize on the mistakes the big guys are making. Hungry to win. It’s the same passion that should drive you everyday. Go get it.

Walk The Walk And Talk The Talk

The Jets talked a lot of game in the upcoming weeks to their bout agains the Pats.

Then they backed it up by winning.

I meet a lot of people who think they are on top of their game.

Competition is all around you – there’s always someone smarter, faster, or stronger. Never forget that.

Recently I’ve interviewed and met with some folks for a Social Media marketing position at Slocum Studio. I met with one person that was just graduating with a masters degree in marketing from the local university. This person had all credits, recommendations, and knew all the terminology. Spoke very sophisticated and was well prepared.

I met with another person who was a former blue collar worker. No masters degree and no flashy credits.

And no bullshit either.

This person has 80k followers on twitter where the former had 300. This person tweeted and was involved in the social media scene consistently. The former barely got out a tweet a month.

Who do you think I chose to partner with?


Look it’s pretty simple – go out and get what you want.

Be passionate about success, your business, your family, and your life.

The only thing stopping us from winning is our own self doubt. Be the champion you know you are and get out there and win.

And to the patriots – there’s always next year.

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