8 Ways To Remind Clients What You Do

Doing some reading over the weekend has prompted me to think about this question:

“Do my client’s know who I am and what I do?”

Think about it.

  • If you’re a freelancer and you’re developing websites, does your client know that you can also develop mobile apps?
  • If you’re a graphic designer, does the client think that you only know how to make logos and not print ads?
  • If you’re a plumber, do they realize you know how to do design new bathrooms?

At Slocum, we offer a wide range of services. We package the services into affordable groups and offer them up to the customer. Every so often, our clients will come to us asking if we do service XYZ…

Of course we do! Didn’t you know this?

It’s Not Always Obvious

You know what you do – because you do it. You’re the one passionate about it.

Your client came to you with a particular problem. You solved said problem. The client is satisfied.

Now you need to let them know about the other services you offer. How do you go about it?

8 Ways To Remind Clients What You Do

  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • E-mail Newsletter
  • Direct Mailers
  • Phone Calls
  • Open House Events

New Media opens up a new channell to connect with your clients. Start by doing at least one or adding to your already existing arsenal.

Don’t fall short in 2011.

Which way are you going to remind your clients what you do? Let me know below!


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