Don’t just stand there with your hands out

The greatest reward from starting the Matt Report podcast are the new relationships I’ve made.

I get e-mail’s like this all the time:

“Are you getting qualified leads from the podcast?”

“How is the conversion rate to your newsletter?”

“What’s it like being a WordPress celebrity?”

Humbled by the 3rd, but I reserve that for the true stars.

No folks, it’s not about visitor growth, leads and subscribers — it’s about you and me. Me introducing you to others and you paying it forward. So don’t just stand there with your hands out — get to helping.

You get what you give

A testimonial

Recently I asked Tom McFarlin to hook me up with a video testimonial for a new project I’m working on.

Would he have done that if we never chatted about being a professional WordPress developer?

What if I didn’t stay in touch with him and our daily antics via Twitter?

Probably not.

Today he asked me for a testimonial of his own — of course I obliged.

A Mastermind

A little over a year ago I met Brian Casel at WordCamp Providence 2012.

We’ve stayed in touch and I’ve interviewed him about his SaaS business.

We’re two like minded individuals who have supported each’s efforts online. Sharing a Tweet here, a blog post there and creating dialogue for others. Today, we’re forming a new Mastermind for small agencies and startups.

Stay in touch, because you just don’t know what will happen.


In just over 2 weeks’ I’ll be at PressNomics thanks to Chris Lema.

We sparked some dialogue over on his blog and then met at WordCamp Chicago 2012. He’s one of the good guys, doing great things for the community.

Again, we’re similar dude’s helping out WordPress entrepreneurs and supporting efforts across the board. Still wondering how I’ll pay it forward for him, but I’ll cross that road when I get there.

I leave you with this

How are you changing the world around you?

Can you help one person or a million?

I started with one and I’m shooting for a million. Create, share, and make connections. You’ll be a better person for it.


3 responses to “Don’t just stand there with your hands out”

  1. Very well said Matt. That is all 🙂

    …oh, and I’ll see you at Pressnomics…

  2. Just like the Beatles sang: the love you take is equal to the love you make. I totally believe in Karma. Doubly-so in an open-source community.

  3. 817realty Avatar

    Thank you for re-tweeting this. Of course, as a dog lover you had me with your chosen photo so I continued reading. LOL But seriously, it is a good reminder that even though I’m relatively new, I can still find ways to contribute. This WordPress community and ecosystem is like nothing I’ve been a part of in past decades of other development. I’m enjoying it immensely and as such, need to spread the joy!

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