Competing with content w/ Derek Gleason

I mentor at a local business accelerator for sustainable startups that have community impact. Small — no, tiny — startups that are just getting out of the idea phase. More often than not, this is the founder’s first leap into running a business.

About 6 weeks into this 12 week program, I teach a class on web & marketing. By this point, the founder drowning in information overload. Asking them to learn WordPress is already a massive order: getting them to understand SEO + content? They aren’t ready.

Today’s guest Derek Gleason has something to say about that. As someone who worked early on with CXL and now creating content at Shopify, he’s witnessed the gamut of content + SEO projects. We recorded his conversation a while ago, which was a month or two removed from when he and I originally booked, so some of the current events might sound a little outdated.

I hope you enjoy today’s episode!


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