What it feels like to disrupt ecommerce forever

A tricky part about all of this stuff we do in business and online is to not let the work consume you.

I know people say that your work is not your worth, and I get it, but it’s really hard for me to disconnect from that. To show the world what you’ve built and put it into the hands of your super fans. To punch up as the underdog and prove to the Goliath that you can win in this arena too.

It’s addictive, it’s fulfilling, it’s enriching for us and hopefully those around us.

Jordan Gal returns to the Matt Report to share in his next chapter, Rally. Jordan brings the passion, he’s a business builder I’m on the sidelines rooting for. We’ll explore his challenges with building on a platform like Shopify and how he plans to disrupt that with his latest play in decentralized (and headless) e-commerce.


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