Andrea Rennick customer advocate at Copyblogger on building a community in WordPress

What makes a support team, business, or community successful?

Someone with awesome drive, who communicates well, and genuinely cares about the customer. That’s just a small part of what makes Andrea Rennick rock at her job at Copyblogger Media.

I want you to watch or listen to this interview (because we had some technical difficulties half way through) and feel the passion that Andrea brings to the table. This is super important for those of us just starting out or even veterans looking to grow our business.

You have to be passionate and care about the customer – bottom line.

Andrea is going to share that and more about the WordPress community in the latest episode of the Matt Report!

Andrea Rennick teaches us the importance of caring for our WordPress customers

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If you’re not building a community for your business or product – what are you waiting for?

The competition is too great for you to think you can just sell to one customer and move on to the next. People want more value for their dollar, so start giving it to them.

On the flip side, you can’t go it alone building your freelance or agency presence. Build a community of other professionals around you. Need another WordPress developer? Connect with one. How about a designer? Discover some on the social web.

Community means more than just where you live – it’s who you interact with on a daily basis. People that are progressing your career or you as a person without you even realizing it.

Take some time this holiday season and brainstorm how you will grow your community in 2013.

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3 responses to “Andrea Rennick customer advocate at Copyblogger on building a community in WordPress”

  1. Hi Matt,
    This was my first intro to your interviews. I’ve been on the receiving end of Andrea’s help a number of times and appreciate the personal interview. Thanks for highlighting someone I respect in the WordPress community. I look forward to the next installment!

    1. Carrie, 

      Thanks for stopping by, really appreciate it! Andrea was awesome and really insightful. Can’t wait to have her on again! 😉

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