Tom McFarlin: How to make a living and find success using WordPress

Some of us love what we do and some of us do not.

Tom McFarlin joined me to talk about building his WordPress freelance career. He’s a partner at 8bit and co-creator of  The Standard Theme. He works with a wide range of clients and considers himself successful in doing so.

It’s not because of the money he makes – but that he loves what he does.

I was delighted to have Tom on and share his experiences with us. Let’s sit back and watch this amazing interview!

Tom McFarlin on WordPress freelancing, building a team, and doing what you love

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Matt Report for WordPress, SaaS, and No-Code business
Matt Report for WordPress, SaaS, and No-Code business
Tom McFarlin: How to make a living and find success using WordPress

The journey

Here’s what I love about Tom’s journey: it’s authentic.

There was no master plan or cunning strategy. It was hard work, making connections, and building a product that someone loves that brought him his success.

Tom has a lot of different identities online. From his freelancing portfolio, working with 8bit, to downloadable themes. He keeps this all organized using exceptional time management skills. He shares some of his tips with us in the video.

Building a team via networking

And we’re not talking LinkedIN.

Tom has been involved with the WordPress community since he started coding plugins. He also shares that getting involved with others and putting your work out as soon as you can is one of the best steps a young freelancer can do. It was by taking these steps, Tom was noticed from others in the community and how the guys at 8bit brought him in.

What did you think?

Episode #4 in the can!

What do you think so far? I’m still working on the technicalities and interview questions as we move along. Want different questions? Shorter interviews? Let me know in the comments!


Awesome interview Matt. I work in Australia as a WordPress developer and online business developer. I always like to hear another perspective and success story where people make a living from WordPress.

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