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WordPress slide presentation the WP Present way


Owning your content is sort of the WordPress way, right?

We publish a ton of data from our blog’s to our Facebook accounts. Instagram captures our memories and Twitter declares what we’re thinking at the moment.

But this is our data and we’re giving it large platforms that leverage it for marketing and promotion. Today we’re going to hear from another Slide Presentation plugin developed by Steven Word.

He’s going to position the product as something different than a big brand alternative — but hasn’t revealed exactly what that will be yet.

In the meantime put down that SlideShare account and dive into WP Present.

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10up founder Jake Goldman invests in seoslides WordPress plugin


Recently at WordCamp Boston 2013, a strange thing happened.

Two plugin announcements randomly collided.

I attended Steven Word’s talk called “Unconventional WordPress” and unconventional it was. At the end of the talk he unveiled the plugin that powered his presentation WP Present. Later in the day Jake Goldman presented his topic and also unveiled his company’s first dance with product – seoslides.

How about that? Two presentation slide plugins built for WordPress unbeknownst to one another in the same building.

So is this what 10up’s been doing with all that talent? If you’re like me, you might be wondering when their product might be launching to the world. Well not so fast. We learn here that this is an investment by 10up’s founder and we should expect to see original product incubated by the team early 2014.

Read on to discover more about seoslides and the future of 10up’s product line.

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How to find more clients

how to get more clients

“How do I find more clients for my WordPress business?”, he asked.

The folks sitting in the room shifted in their seats as if it were some choreographed routine.

“Hustle!”, someone blurted out.

There was a collective laugh with a taste of pain and uncertainty. Like we’ve all been there before and we know what that means.

So I quickly agreed, but for some reason I wasn’t happy with that answer. Like saying hustle was a scapegoat.

There is no magic to all of this, you do have to hustle and you do have to bring your A game. However, that doesn’t mean you’re out there beating the streets and knocking on doors 14 hours a day.

Hustle comes in all shapes and sizes and that’s what I want to talk about today.

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A WordPress business resource bomb by @justlikeair


Shane is the man.

I tried to get him on the show a while back but our schedule’s didn’t line up. This past weekend, he ran on the business track at WordCamp San Francisco 2013.

Moderated by Matt Mullenweg and joined by past guest Brad Williams and future guest Jake Goldman Shane shared his knowledge on maturing from freelancer to agency. A topic we cover a lot on the Matt Report and a journey that a lot of us take a blind leap into.

Before the talk began, he dropped a knowledge bomb of links that I’ve gathered here for our consumption.

Thanks Shane!

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When the lights go out with Mika Epstein


Literally, the lights went out in this episode!

But hey, if you’re listening to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher – you won’t even notice.

Seriously though, what happens when the lights go out on your client’s WordPress website? Mika leads the WordPress support team at Dreamhost and is part of the core WordPress team reviewing plugins into the repo.

If you’re looking to learn more about supporting clients, dealing with shared hosting and the WordPress community – this is the episode for you!

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Facebook and Twitter play catch up to Google+

The social space is quickly coming to an interesting fork in the road.

Facebook’s IPO didn’t just shine light on bloated tech company valuation, but also on the social giant’s lack of innovation. The void of improving our online social experience is filled with attempts of injecting new ads in mobile as an attempt create revenue.

Twitter was built with the premise of instant communication and freedom to connect with others around the world. Twitter encouraged developers to build apps and data sets around their open platform. Now, That freedom is slowly being taken away by the micro update service.

So what exactly are Facebook and Twitter up to?

They are trying to play catch up to Google’s revenue.

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Listening to your gut could save your ass


For better or for worse, I make a lot of my decision based off of gut feeling.

There are times when you’re making the wrong decision and you can feel it in your gut. You read all the facts, hypothesis, reviews, and hear all the feedback. Can you think back to when you should have listened to your gut? That voice inside that’s saying, “I told you so?”

Guiding your startup, business, or team based on feel is very agile – some would say dangerous? This could be for a new idea, business venture, partnership, or even to eat that extra slice of cake.

I think the gut feeling is important. Why?

There’s so much data and noise out there today that you will never make a decision or act if you’re analyzing all of it. Listening to your gut could save your ass.

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The Free Fall Of A Startup Entrepreneur

free fall as an entrepreneur

You know the dream where you’re free falling from the the sky?

Your whole body weightless as gravity pushes you to the earth. A massive knot in your stomach wrenching in fear.

Panic sets in as you scramble for the parachute. Grasping and tugging at your vest to find the right one.

There is no pull cord.

Earth is closing in on you faster and faster.

The sound of the wind and clouds whipping past you as your entire body is tumbling and turning.

As impact approaches, thoughts like what have I accomplished? Where did I end up? What could I have done differently? Run through your head.

Five seconds from the ground.

Four. Three. Two. One…

“Holy shit.”

You wake up in a cold sweat. What a dream.

What if it wasn’t a dream? What if everyday was like this?

If fear and uncertainty is not your thing, don’t become a startup entrepreneur.

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