Weekly Wrap: Your Marketing Sucks. Lost In Social Media. Commitment. Passion.

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This week I’m serving up a lot for you. Some in your face facts to improve your New Media marketing. How to improve your blog or web presence. Most importantly how commitment and passion plays a massive role in success.

Put down your Christmas shopping list and let’s get to it!

What I Wrote

1. 50 Reasons Why Your New Media Marketing Sucks – A great list for any new or existing marketing plan you might be running. There could be a few items here that help you out.

2. How-to Improve Your About Page – Let’s face it, it’s all about YOU. Here are some tips for improving your About page.

3. Twitter vs Facebook – Are you using these powerful social media sites correctly? Are you converting your followers to fans? Fans to customers? Get on this one.

Two Great Posts I Didn’t Write

1. How David Garland built a community of 100,000 followers in 24 months – A lesson in commitment. If you’re not committed – good luck.

2. Passion – How to Build a Bigger Audience for Your Blog – A lesson in passion. do you really love what you’re doing? We hope so!

Get To It!

Save this post to your Instapaper or Evernote app and enjoy for the weekend! Loads of great information here. If I missed anything, let me know below!

Bonus: If you want me to feature your article for next week – post it below!

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