Twitter Vs Facebook

Two powerful social media platforms. Two very different uses.

Broadcast on one and create the human relationship on the other. Web Professionals should be ready to explain the differences and use them just as effectively.

Are you converting Twitter followers into Facebook friends?

You should. (and I’m not – yet.)

What we’re learning in this post:

  • Twitter is the stage. Broadcast, promote, and inform.
  • Twitter reach has no boundaries.
  • Facebook is the VIP party. Friends, family, and fans.
  • Facebook reach is limited to friends of friends network.
  • The differences.
  • Why you might act differently on either service.
  • Convert.

Twitter: The World’s Stage

I use Twitter as my stage to broadcast my blog, happenings and services.

Matter of fact, Twitter is the number one traffic generator to my blog. Naturally – I put a lot of effort behind it.  It still amazes me that a lot of my peers still do not use the tweeting service. They don’t fully conceptualize the seemingly short bursts of 140 characters. Here is how I break down the 3 core concepts of Twitter:

1. Broadcasting

I use it to broadcast my blog posts and thoughts. Important links and news items that I find intriguing that will benefit the people who follow me.  This is probably the most basic (good) use of Twitter. Promote great work and content – not what you ate for breakfast.

2. Connecting

It’s no surprise that when you broadcast – you connect. If you think of Twitter as your stage, imagine standing up on one and yelling out to an audience. If you were standing on the sidewalk shouting your sales pitch – your bound to get a few people to look your way. Maybe hand out a few business cards and have them call you back.

Well that’s what we’re doing on Twitter. It’s our stage. A soapbox times a billion.

3. Real Time Relationships

You’ve shouted from the roof tops. Intrigued a few people to follow you. Now maintain that relationship. You follow your followers and interact with them on a daily basis. Read their content, provide help, and connect them with people they benefit from.

Hopefully these three simple concepts help you with casting 140’s to the world. There are plenty of other uses – these 3 should guide any great Web Professional.

Facebook: Invite The World To Your VIP Party

Facebook is much more widely adopted. It’s been around longer and it’s easier to connect with your friends and family. You host your photos, personal information and publicly share your relationships with others.

We’re not on the world stage anymore – we’re at the VIP party.

1. Personal Connection

Facebook is an increasingly more personal (social) of a service. Photos, videos, likes and dislikes. This allows you to share (or not share) data about you that you can’t find anywhere else. Unless of course, someone asks you.

2. Human Factor

Unlike Twitter, Facebook allows you to share a lot more data. I don’t mean just photos and videos – but you can write lengthy messages and posts far greater than it’s 140 step cousin. Detailed reviews, responses, and stories that are shared with others.  As a Web Professional – this would allow you to grow your fan base or community of friends at a greater grass roots level.

3. Movement

Because of the personal connection and human factor Facebook is grounds for more potential movements. Movements to raise money for a cause, political action or sell a product. Friends of friends connecting and sharing on levels that you would never be able to do if you just gathered in an auditorium.

It’s probably quite obvious how much more human Facebook is versus Twitter. Simply said, you’re able to serve up a lot more with Facebook than you are with Twitter. Hopefully your converting your Twitter followers to Facebook fans. You’ve got their attention – now nurture the relationship!


Let’s face it, 90% of the people are NOT using social media to create relationships.

I’m not talking about dating either. Relationships with customers, fans, supporters, and colleagues. Get out there and experience the benefits of real time and relationship based social tools like Twitter and Facebook.

Take them from the stage to the VIP party!


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