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Blogging 101: Improve Your About Page

Today Chris Brogan writes that it’s all about, About.

The About page is the most frequented page across many of the web properties I manage and consult for. It’s even more testament that folks want to learn about YOU more than your offering.

The way of human relationship and interaction at it’s finest. The proof is in the pudding kind of stuff.

Here are some tips on what I did for my about page and how you can improve yours.

What I Did

I haven’t done much with my About page. Because I don’t think you have to.

For a while, I had the long lengthy write up that I used on my resume’s. Technology and industry jargon that I wanted (thought) perspective employers would be interested in hearing. It was a few paragraphs long with some detailed descriptions of projects I’ve accomplished.

It started to get boring. Here is how I fixed it:

1. Use A Compelling Photograph

I’m not trying to say I’m compelling looking – but using an image that is not a cropped image of you from your last keg party is probably not the best of ideas. Fortunately, my father is a pro photographer. Get in touch with one for a great head shot of yourself.

2. Testimonials From People You Have Worked With

I replaced all of my written text with quotes from recommendations people have left me on my LinkedIn account. I’ve also gone through and highlighted compelling words people used to describe me.

3. Short And Sweet

Even if you aren’t short or sweet – make your About page that way. People skim. I do it – you do it.

What I Haven’t Done Yet

1. Video

It’s coming. I do have a redesign for this blog in the works and I plan on launching with that.

2. Posts I love

I might also add in links to posts that really dive into who I am. Again, probably when I launch the new site.


Pretty basic stuff really. Don’t be boring. Don’t use a lot of words. Get to who you really are. You can also see more about me at http://about.me/matthewm

Bonus: Seth Godin gives you 5 great tips here.


3 responses to “Blogging 101: Improve Your About Page”

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  2.  Avatar

    I like this, Matt – short and simple. Just do it. (Nice picture, too).

    1. Matt Medeiros Avatar
      Matt Medeiros

      Thanks a lot! Glad it was useful to you!

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