Success: One Person At A Time

If you’ve read a little about me, you will know how I perceive my success:

“Success is when just one person benefits from what I have to say.”

That’s my tag line I like to promote.

And I really mean it.

In a world of “everyone is a professional” – I’m not trying to gather a mass following of commercial fans. I’m not writing for everyone to agree with me or jump on the bandwagon.

I’m writing to help others – wether it be 1 or a 1 million – that’s for you to decide.

Read on to learn how I became an overnight success.

Motivating Myself

Recently I wrote a post about confidence, passion, and motivation. I then covered it in my first video weekly recap. Since then, I’ve received some great feedback on the new endeavor.

I thought about it for a few hours on how I would do the lighting and would I use my high end video and podcasting equipment? Should I sketch out a script?

Where should I sit?

What should I wear?

I slapped myself and said, “Self, you tell everyone else to just ship it, so what are you waiting for?”

I took my advice, sat down and produced the new video. Then I became an overnight success…

Meet Tom

[blackbirdpie id=”57476765282598912″]

Tom and I consider each other friends.

I’ve never met Tom.

We tweeted back and forth once after attending a Chris Brogan webinar about how much we enjoyed it. Since then, we’ve followed each other and exchanged blog ideas and comments about our respective writing.


Tom was motivated by my post and decided to make his very first video cast here.

Measuring Your Success

For all intensive purposes, I’m successful.

I was able to inspire Tom and help him get to “doing.”

I hope I can do the same for you on many of the topics I write about.

How are you measuring your success? Either on your blog, in business, or in life? Let me know in the comments or on the Matt Report Facebook Page.


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  1. Joe Abraham Avatar
    Joe Abraham

    Great post! I believe success is doing what I am created to do and people being blessed by it!

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