Thinking for the Week: Slowing Down For The Holidays

The holiday’s are fast upon us. October all but disappeared and this week we celebrate Thanksgiving.

We are all very busy with our careers, families, and the inevitable shopping madness the holiday’s have become. As Web Professionals, we need to maintain a balance and continue the upkeep of the many outlets we are involved with.

Oh and did I mention – enjoy the holidays?

Slowing Down

How do you slow down for the holiday? Do you slow down?

Use this opportunity to evaluate what’s most important to you before the end of the year. Cut out any of the BS work that’s stressful and time consuming. Focus on the goals that make you feel good accomplishing – so that you can fully enjoy the friends and family around you.

What I’m Doing

  • Focus in on responding to the students I mentor at the local college. I have a speaking arrangement next week and preparing for that is much more gratifying than filling out my blogging calendar.
  • If you’re a Web Professional like me – you are probably cursed with many project ideas popping into your head. Take this opportunity to briefly outline the ideas and file them for after the holidays. Evernote is a great tool for this.
  • Taking the time to respond and help others around me with their own projects and tasks. There are a handful of projects we are trying to complete at Slocum Design Studio and now is a great time for me to relieve some stress from my team.

Start Thinking

So this week, contemplate slowing down and refocusing. Enjoy the food, the family and the friends. Fuse fulfilling work with celebration.

Let me know how you’re going to slow down in the comments below.

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