Interview with Shawn DeWolfe: Share Cluster plugin

Shawn DeWolfe, co-founder of ThoseDeWolfes Creative, reaches his hand into both the WordPress and Drupal “cookie jars” depending on the nature of the project he’s working on.

With WordPress, you get the illusion that you can do something complex real fast.

In early July 2014, Shawn released his product Share Cluster plugin into the WordPress repository and also offers a premium version, Share Cluster Prime. Listen to this interview to learn why Shawn thought WordPress was the right choice for his plugin instead of creating it as a Drupal module and why sometimes using an off-the-shelf system is a wiser choice even when you have the experience to build something from scratch.

Interview with Shawn DeWolfe: Share Cluster plugin

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What was discussed during the interview
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2:00 What is the biggest difference that you see in the use case of Drupal and WordPress, especially for large amounts of content?

There is a weird inverse relationship that happens with client work-the more money you ask for, the less trouble the project is.

9:30 Is there a clear difference between the work you do with Drupal vs. WordPress?
10:45 What would you want inside of Drupal that WordPress does really well? What would you want inside of WordPress that Drupal does really well?
15:40 What did you create Share-Cluster as a WP Plugin instead of Drupal Module
17:00 Is the WP market is easier to enter?
17:40 What was the experience like for you submitting the plugin to
21:20 What are the immediate challenges you are working on for launching your product —ie marketing, pricing.
27:30 How will you manage the new feature requests and ideas related to Share Cluster?
28:45 If you could Rewind 1, 5 or 10 years what would you do differently with your professional life?

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3 responses to “Interview with Shawn DeWolfe: Share Cluster plugin”

  1. Hi Matt great interview Shawn had some great insights with a slightly different perspective!

  2. Even Drupal fans will say “Use WordPress” a majority of the time. 🙂

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