Episode 32: Why the world needs another WordPress management tool

I found Paul Goodchild when someone tweeted: “Do we really need another WordPress management tool?”

Well, if you listen to Paul’s interview, you’re going to find out why we do.

When we recorded this, his product was called Worpit and has now rebranded to iControlWP. Paul’s a great guy and has a great story to tell about his software — along with how he affords offering his product at 60-cents a site!

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Interview w/ Paul Goodchild co-founder of iControlWP

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David vs Goliath

Paul is like the rest of us.

We know there’s big name competition, implanted in the market and we’re crazy for going after it.

Here’s my new saying, “It’s a pie party and everyone is welcome to a slice.”

Paul and his brother are putting together a unique service offering, with technical capabilities unlike the competition, trying to win on price AND service. So give him his slice of the pie!

On the outside people see it as, “oh just another service” — but on the inside and to Paul’s team they are innovating and creating something really special.

What do you think?

Why hiring isn’t always a good thing

Paul shares another great lesson in this interview and something that hits close to home.

He talked about hiring another developer when iControlWP was really ramping up and the downfalls that came from it. Like many busy entrepreneurs, they found their “rockstar” and threw that person into the fire.

So what happened? Well you’ll have to listen to find out!

Two great tools mentioned

Paul turned me on to two great tools that I use daily for my support:

FreshDesk – A great customer support portal and ticketing platform. I was using ZenDesk at the time, but I found this to fit our needs better than what ZenDesk was doing.

Zopim Live Chat – A live chat web service that sits on top of your website. Another great tool for talking live with visitors of our website — very handy!



One response to “Episode 32: Why the world needs another WordPress management tool”

  1. Hi Matt
    I’m using the Simple Firewall plugin that these guys have produced and the support is as good as for a premium plugin.

    I’ve looked at iControlWP and like the idea of daily backups so I may investigate further.

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