How to start your own WordPress marketplace

The Matt Report is all about learning from other WordPress entrepreneurs and their respective business.

We’re not just listening to the journey of designers and developers — but also marketers, author’s, and today’s guest a marketplace founder. If you’re thinking of starting your own marketplace or just about to start selling your first plugin, you want to tune into Pippin Williamson.

Pippin Williamson of Pippin’s Plugins

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Matt Report for WordPress, SaaS, and No-Code business
Matt Report for WordPress, SaaS, and No-Code business
How to start your own WordPress marketplace

Starting a marketplace

What comes first? The chicken or the egg?

That’s the age old question of starting a marketplace. So how did Pippin start his WordPress plugin business?

For starters he created well crafted plugins that were needed in the WordPress market. Second, he backed up his promise with amazing customer service. If you’re a developer looking to start your business, pay close attention to the value of customer support. If you’re someone shopping for a WordPress plugin, evaluate who you’re purchasing from and their commitment to supporting clients.

Pippin brings us through an amazing journey. From starting out as a freelancer to becoming a well known WordPress plugin developer and a leading plugin marketplace site.

It’s not all rainbows

The passive income world can play tricks on us. Some folks lead us to believe that we just upload our digital product and the customers will come. Never mind the startup media covering startup’s landing millions in investment for the most simplistic of ideas.

Running a business that scales is hard work.

In the interview we talk about scaling a support team, bringing on more staff, compensation, and reinvesting into new product. You don’t want to miss all the juicy details in this episode.

Side note

I was feeling quite sick when I recorded this episode, so I apologize for all the sniffling. I still hope you enjoy it!

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