Dare to run a WordPress support business like WP Buffs?

Authenticity and that digital handshake is such a hard formula for companies to get right these days. All too often I see content or marketing campaigns treated as, well, campaigns.

When a business loses their original story in their messaging or the values they once held close with customers, the decline of authenticity begins. I want to engage with content that I know is published out of purpose, not just routine. Even though he time boxed me into oblivion (listen to the show for the details!), Joe knows that leading a company with purpose and open lines of communication with customers is critical.

Matt Report
Matt Report
Dare to run a WordPress support business like WP Buffs?

WP Buffs seems to be striking a nice mix of branding, marketing, content, and of course services. The WordPress support business is an easy game to get into, but a lot harder to win.

This is the last regular episode of season 8 — I hope you enjoyed every single one of them. Please, please, please, please if you like my stuff, go leave a review on iTunes!

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