Creating products that empower users

Five years ago we launched Conductor plugin, our very first commercial WordPress plugin, and one that (in my opinion) was too far ahead of its time. We were creating an alternative to the (then) clumsy page builder space, with an altruistic flare for “doing things the WordPress way.” Something that became more of a hindrance than a boon, as you can imagine.

What felt like a home run, quickly materialized into more of a double — to use a baseball analogy — with a launch day of $4,000 dollars in sales quickly fading away into our five-minutes of fame.

Today’s episode is the first in a mini-series of how I convinced myself that this was the right product at the right time and that we were going to make it work.

We’ll start from the beginning, where all great products start: War Games.

I’d love your feedback and thanks for listening!



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