Automattic’s Happy Tools w/ Matt Wondra

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If you haven’t heard, Automattic is embarking on a new challenge to make remote work easier for small teams and organizations. They’re starting with a tool called Happy Schedule, part of a larger suite aptly named, Happy Tools.

I invited lead product developer, Matt Wondra, on to the show to discuss how this product came to life and what future iterations we might expect from his team. WPTavern covered the launch back in April and coincidently Matt Mullenweg launched a new podcast called Distributed, which would be a great marketing channel for the offering, I’d say.

I enjoyed learning more about how Automattic leads product creation and I’m the first to admit, I do love a good Automattic product. 😉 Oh, by the way, if you’re a P2 fan..well, just listen.

Lots of Matts on this episode — enjoy!

Automattic’s Happy Tools w/ Matt Wondra

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