Amber Weinberg: Conquer your freelance career; become a professional WordPress developer

Think freelancing is a tough gig?

Try moving half way around the world and rebuilding your business from the ground up.

In this amazing interview with Amber Weinberg, she’s going to share that story with us.

We’re going to discuss the journey of selling WordPress sites to anyone that wanted one, to now working strictly working with agencies and commanding a minimum starting budget.

All that and more in the latest episode of the Matt Report!

Amber Weinberg on becoming a professional WordPress developer

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What it takes to go from freelance to professional

In every interview, I try and find the most useful lesson we can all take away after listening.

What really excites me about Amber’s story is how she progressed as a freelancer to a professional WordPress developer. Working strictly with agencies now and no longer doing “battle” with civilian WordPress websites.

And did I mention she moved across the pond in the middle of all this?

If you’re a newbie developer or running your own business – listen to how Amber progressively made the shift to command more money per project by finding the right client.

I hope you find this lesson as useful as I did.

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One response to “Amber Weinberg: Conquer your freelance career; become a professional WordPress developer”

  1. loved the interview…Amber provided some great insight on becoming a respectable WordPress professional. Thanks for sharing Matt!

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