Becoming a YouTube creator with Justin Reves

I have a love/hate relationship with creating content for YouTube.

Creating a video, even a talking head video, can be super time-consuming. As a perfectionist who sucks at creativity, it’s one of those things where uploading a video can be awful satisfying or just plain awful.  On top of that, YouTube viewers are always hungry for more content which makes getting a video out even once a week, a challenging task.

No pain, no gain, right?

At the end of the day, creating video content — for me — has become one of my favorite mediums to communicate, second to my podcast. Which is why I’ve invited Justin Reves on the show to talk about his journey as a YouTube creator.

I discovered Justin when I fell down the rabbit hole of learning about cameras, specifically my beloved Panasonic G85. I started following his tutorials and vlog and it’s been a fun ride of seeing how his content has evolved ever since.

Like I mentioned in the last episode, I’m expanding the cast of content on the show and I hope you enjoy learning from folks around the digital space!

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  1. Chase Reeves, not just the travel bag review guy. This is the first video in my playlist “Other Peoples Stuff I Like”.

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