Paul Jarvis Company of One

We’re back with another amazing episode of The Matt Report!

Paul Jarvis, the author of Company of One and creator of Fathom Analytics & WPComplete, joins me to talk about his new journey of publishing a “real” book. I mean, he’s published e-books before but surely this is *more* real because it’s printed on trees and he has an agent now — right? 🙂

I’ve long been fascinated by the process of writing a book and having this time to pick Paul’s brain was certainly fun for me. Not so surprising was how Paul marketed his book to would-be readers and how his “organic” online tactics were still foreign to long-time publishers in the industry. Refreshing to hear that content marketing and audience building actually works — who would have thought?!

Oh, by the way, if you care about privacy and who has control of your website analytics, we get into the nitty-gritty of Fathom. You’ll like it, I promise.

I’ve enjoyed watching Paul’s career online and it’s always a pleasure to spend time talking to him. I hope you enjoy today’s episode and go thank Paul on the Twitters — thanks!

Listen to the episode


p.s. If you miss the show notes from long-time show editor Patte, don’t worry, they’ll be back. I got too busy and too lazy to send her the files, so it’s all my fault. In the meantime, go thank her on Twitter!


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