Weekly Wrap: Report Card. Stay Motivated. Facebook Will Buy Quora.



There’s already a lot of action going on in the new year.

CES is in full swing and all the tech giants are buzzing about new products and technology coming out. There’s also rumor’s of the iPhone 4 for Verizon to be announced January 11th.

So let’s dive right into what I found extremely important this week and some posts that I didn’t write.

From My Blog

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In this post I asked if you could fill out a quick “report card” grading my blog. Let me know how I did!

Staying Motivated In 2011

I want to know how you are going to stay motivated in 2011. I also share 3 ways to keep yourself motivated this coming year.

Will Facebook Purchase Quora?

This is a quick article about what Quora is. It’s also a look into why they may be poised to be acquired by the likes of Facebook or Twitter.

3 Articles I Didn’t Write

How To Get Paid What You’re Worth

This is a great article that looks at 4 ways to evaluate your worth.

Transforming your business and yourself in 2011

My Man David Meerman preps you for success in 2011.

11 Resources For Creativity

This is a big one. A stack of PDFs to inspire your creativity.

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