Early stage WordPress startups apply here

There’s some changes in the works for The Matt Report podcast.

I’ll have more announcements coming soon, but in the meantime I’d like to find a few good candidates. If you’re an early stage WordPress startup or entrepreneur, tell me more about what you’re up to.

So, how do I define early stage? 

  • You have your elevator pitch.
  • You have an “MVP” or semi functioning product/service.
  • Your unique value proposition is truly unique.
  • You still need a hand putting some of the pieces of the business puzzle together. (i.e. marketing, cashflow, team building etc)
  • You’re not afraid to sell yourself or talk about your startup.

What am I planning? 

First, contact me.

Second, contact me.

I’m not done ironing out ALL of the details yet, but it’s important that at least a dozen of you apply. Once I gather a few folks who qualify, we’ll start a dialogue and I can tell you more about it.

No, I’m not selling anything. Yes, it’s part of a new Matt Report segment.

Here’s what I need you to tell me

  • Give me your elevator pitch
  • Tell me where you’re at in the business — is it generating revenue? Are you still building it?
  • What’s your short term and long term vision?
  • Access to see the product? (websites, plugin, theme, etc)
  • Most important: Tell me your biggest challenge!

Not a WordPress entrepreneur and how you can help

If you don’t qualify, that’s OK.

Please spread the word of this and get your WordPress entrepreneur folks to contact me. Tweet me, use the form, whatever. Just get in touch and spread the word!



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  1. Very interesting! So exited to see the new changes 🙂

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