S4 E9: Ryan Sullivan of WP Site Care

WordPress support companies are one of the fastest growing business models that I’ve seen in our space in quite some time.

The concept being, for a monthly fee, you get a dedicated WordPress support company that can tackle all of your technical needs — around your WordPress website. Here’s the issue, it’s easy to start a company like this, but it’s not easy to keep it sustainable.

How do you survive as a business owner? That’s what Ryan Sullivan of WP Site Care joins us to talk about on today’s episode.

Interview with Ryan Sullivan of WP Site Care

Matt Report
Matt Report
S4 E9: Ryan Sullivan of WP Site Care

WordPress support businesses

My first Matt Report Startup challenge featured WP Curve, who entered the market offering a shockingly low-cost monthly offering. A price point that spurred attraction to their services, ultimately lead to fast-paced growth and a recent acquisition by GoDaddy.

On the flip side, their growth spawned a lot of “me too” companies, that simply copied their model and charged a dollar less. I commend Sullivan for his ability to navigate these waters, and continue to find growth. It’s a testament to sticking with something, and realizing you’re in it for the long-haul, not the short-term cash grab.

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