Episode 1: WordPress Startup Challenge

After a month of post production it’s finally here!

Wondering what the WordPress startup community is up to? Check out these 4 new startups and join in to hear the judges rate their pitch and business model.

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What’s this all about?

If you didn’t catch the original post, I’ve been working on a Shark Tank or a Demo Day like show for young WordPress startups. Along with coaching and consulting WordPress startups, I receive a lot of pitches for new ideas and business models.

So why not create another piece of great Matt Report content?

Enter the WordPress Startup Challenge!

I invited 4 early stage WordPress startups to pitch to a panel of veteran WordPress entrepreneurs. In the pitch, they tell us what their product or service is all about, what pain points their solving and how they plan on growing. The judges provide their feedback about the pitch and pick their favorite at the end. The pilot episode (I feel) was amazing.

It was great to have 4 contestants share their ideas and business plan along with the judges providing excellent actionable feedback. Everyone did an amazing job and I can’t thank them enough for working through the pilot episode with me.

That said, there’s a lot of logistics and time spent to put together a show like this and it’s why I’m opening it up for “donations” and sponsorship.

Just 5 bucks (or name your price)

If you’re a fan of the show and you want to see it continue, that’s all I’m asking for. What will that $5 score you?

  • In the credits of the next episode
  • Membership access to the uncut version of the pilot episode
  • Access to the the contestants “biggest challenge” questions and the judges response


Want to sponsor the next episode? Contribute $200 for…

  • Same access as above
  • a 140 character ad read in the episode
  • Banner placement on the show page

Questions? Contact me.
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The Judges:

The Startups:




10 responses to “Episode 1: WordPress Startup Challenge”

  1. Thanks for putting this together Matt and nice work to all the contestants.

    Next time, we’ll get co-founder Dan to tidy up the Abe Lincoln beard!

    1. That’s why I aired it in Movember month. 😉

  2. I really liked this! Great work! Audio could be clearer on some people. I will be a fan and have and will continue to contribute what I can.

  3. Hello Matt – great job. I really enjoyed it and certainly respect your contributors. If I could offer a slight recommendation, I would suggest one of your judges should be from the venture or pure-business background. What I have seen with WP startups has been a great command of WP/PHP/SEO, but no real business strategy. There is a significant learning curve between creating a great WP Site/Theme/Plugin and creating a great business. Let’s see how these terribly bright business owners plan to overcome it.

    1. Scott

      Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it! Yes you’re right and I plan on getting more of that investor/”vc-ish” voice for the next rounds. Hope you keep coming back.

  4. Nice work Matt and all who spoke.
    Excellent content as far as the range of pitches, and great to hear feedback from professionals.
    Really valuable.
    I’ve recommended to a few of my colleagues, and will keep checking back for more.

    1. Thanks Stuart!

  5. […] is a great ambassador for WordPress business owners and he invited us onto the inaugural WordPress startup challenge. Thanks a bunch, […]

  6. Hey Matt,

    have found this wordpress startup challenge by accident and think its a good place to present you my free available WordPress staging plugin which has been released today.
    It allows you to create a staging website of an live website with just a few clicks without the need for extensive configuration. Its available on https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-staging/

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