Moving your business up channel with Josh Strebel of Pagely

Doubling your agency rate is a great way to grow your business. Even if you’re a beginner freelancer, moving from $50/hr to $75/hr can start to move the needle considerably. Sounds obvious, but so many people that I talk to still won’t take the leap.

Which totally makes sense, it’s a move filled with fear and uncertainty. You’ve been selling your work at a set price, for the last 3 years, and asking clients for more money can be jarring. Further, moving your price up will also change the expectations from clients, and you’ll discover new issues like more legal paperwork or insurances.

In today’s episode with Josh Strebel, founder of Pagely (sponsor of this podcast) we’ll discuss all of the intricate points of moving your business up channel, and how to shift your mindset to focusing on customer service. We’ll also dive into the deep end of where WordPress is going from a user experience perspective, and how WordPress hosting companies have a particular advantage in shaping it’s future.

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Enjoy the episode, don’t forget to thank our sponsors Pagely & Valet.

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Interview with Josh Strebel


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2 responses to “Moving your business up channel with Josh Strebel of Pagely”

  1. Loved this one, Matt. This is something I’m really struggling with right now.

    I already make a comfortable living, so it’s hard to take the plunge to move more upmarket and reach what is hopefully, but not guaranteed to be, an even more comfortable life.

    1. Thanks, Colin. You should e-mail me sometime, I’d love to know what you’re striving for next!

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