Quora: Is It Really "Facebook Answers?"

What is Quora?

It’s a question and answer system that is all the rage right now.

  • Take a little bit of Facebook, sprinkle in some Twitter, and add a dash of LinkedIN.
  • Bake for a little over a year.
  • Ask a question and enjoy!

There has been a lot hype that it’s going to replace blogging, be the go to source for all information and be the new credited source on the street. It has certainly trended up in the last few days.

I enjoy it and it’s very addictive.

You could get lost in reviewing the types of questions people have asked and reading the responses. A standard follow system keeps you on top of topics, questions, and users. Follow the people you’re interested in and ask them questions.

Great stuff.


What I don’t enjoy are the bot acounts that are already up there. I’m really curious as to how Quora will handle it (my actual Quora question.)

I think that a service like this relies even more on human response as Twitter does.

A hyper-niche if you will.

If you have a massive following on Twitter or Facebook, you could already poll your audience for answers to a question. So why another service to pitch to?

  • Power of crowd source?
  • Focused content?
  • Quality content?

More Over…

So does this mean Quora is just poising itself to be acquired by Facebook? If not, how hard would it be for a company like Facebook to tweak their code and drop in Facebook Answers?

How about Twitter running a special filter just for voted up answers?

Pretty easy in my opinion.

Someone Will Attempt To Purchase Quora (soon.)

So Facebook – how long until you buy Quora?

Twitter – you interested?

Apple? You’ve got the coin.

Splash this around your palate and let me know what you think below.

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6 responses to “Quora: Is It Really "Facebook Answers?"”

  1. Friendly Dingo Avatar
    Friendly Dingo

    Do you

  2. Friendly Dingo Avatar
    Friendly Dingo

    Do you think that this format could take over blogging? Or were you just repeating what you had heard in that regard?

    I think that, if anything, it will increase the amount of blogging people do.

    1. Matt Medeiros Avatar
      Matt Medeiros

      There was a lot of buzz going around that it was a “blog killer.”

      I agree that it’s certainly a way to increase blogging based around hot-topic question/answer sessions.

      I’m just wondering how long we will actually know Quora as “Quora.”

      1. Friendly Dingo Avatar
        Friendly Dingo

        I think that, from a blogger’s perspective, the downside is that you have to write about what people ask about. I suppose that can be considered a good thing, as you know you have an audience before you start writing, but I also think that it will stifle some creativity and that current bloggers will continue blogging and some people who come up on Quora(or StackExchange) will get into blogging because they will find themselves with more to say about a subject than is suitable for those media.

        Also, this was #1 on HackerNews this morning, thought you might enjoy it…haha: http://www.cwora.com/

        1. Matt Medeiros Avatar
          Matt Medeiros

          Ha Ha very nice!

          Yea I do agree with the creativity factor – esp if they just “bot” write about a particular question/answer. On the flip side, it might stimulate other creativity – which would be great!

          Thanks for all your input here!

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