Pivoting a membership website during a pandemic

Matt Report
Matt Report
Pivoting a membership website during a pandemic

If you thought running a membership website was easy, try throwing a global pandemic into the mix.

Jason Resnick joins us today to talk about the upcoming re-launch of his membership as so many of his customers were impacted by the shift in their own clients. There’s a particular grit that comes with doing business in the North East, I’m not sure what it is, but a lot of New Yorker’s — like Jason — don’t give up easy. It’s a key ingredient that many “online business builders” lack, or fail to learn, over the course of their online stint.

Through podcasting and sharp networking skills, today’s hero has built himself a business that he’s not only proud of, but is a true replication of the man himself. Lots to learn here today, I hope you enjoy the episode!

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