Weekly Wrap Up

Surprised there isn’t a Thinking For The Weekend article on a Friday? I’m changing my blog format to end the week with a Weekly Wrap up. Monday’s will now include a Thinking For The Week series.

I hope you enjoy this new idea! Let me know below!

My post of the week:

Don’t Be Walrus – A look into motivating yourself off of the shoreline and taking charge of your life or company.

Great Blog Posts I Didn’t Write:

It’s More About The Social Than It Is About The Media – As the title says, in Social Media, it’s about being social first and media second.

Stories Sell. Jargon Doesn’t – Our good buddy Tom dives into a real life example of how he sold with stories versus boring statistics.

Business Value In Social Media – Respected Marketer David Meerman Scott proves the value of Social Media in business.

Launch of FeelGooder Blog – Want to feel good? I do. Check out this newly launched blog from Pro Blogger!

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