Business Tip: Team and Company Pride

This morning I was driving by a local Nissan dealership. There was a service technician outside picking up trash around their lot. It reminded me of when we were in business selling Cadillacs.

Everyone in the dealership helped pick up trash and keep the facility presentable. As owners we were always getting our hands dirty landscaping, painting and improving upon as best we could. Everyone felt a sense of responsibility to pitch in and do their part.


Because when the dealership gained – so did the employees.

They knew by keeping things clean, providing great customer service and promoting our name in the community – in the long run, they would benefit. This is the type of value I’m promoting in my current start-up and day job. As a web professional, company and team pride is one of the most beneficial traits in your career.

What is your team or company doing to promote pride in their team and workplace?

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