Episode 38: Make more money without saying WordPress

I found Brent through this article, where he told us never to say WordPress in our web project negotiations.

We want to leave the tech out of the conversation and focus on what we’re solving.

After 15 years in the business and selling his agency in 2012, Brent has an interesting story to share about his new pivot into an education product over at Ugurus.

Join us in episode 38!

Interview with Brent Weaver of Ugurus

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Don’t say WordPress

I think we get so excited about using WordPress for a new solution, we spend so much time talking tech we aren’t talking about the value we’re providing.

Why is this important?

The customer’s don’t live and breathe this stuff like you and I do everyday. Basic client’s might balk at hearing too much about responsive design, widgets, and custom post types.

We want to avoid “the geek speak” and focus on what pain we’re solving for them.

Setting expectation

I know when I started out, I was so excited to land a job that I just wanted to start working on it right away.

One of the lessons we learn as young entrepreneurs is to set the expectation with the customer. Be it in the design, the function of the site, or as we talk about in this episode — when to get paid.

I couldn’t agree more with Brent, that these expectations need to be set before signing on the dotted line. It’s not just for the sake of the customer, but for the health of your business and sanity.

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4 responses to “Episode 38: Make more money without saying WordPress”

  1. Hi Matt! Great show, as always!

    I started depeloping WordPress websites 9 years ago (back in 2004), and I never ever say the W word. My customers doesn’t know it, and doesn’t care about it. So why tell them? It would be like telling them that the web is gonna be in PHP or MySQL. Sounds like klingon, to them.

    I just talk about a user friendly control panel, where they can add, remove or change the content of their site, without knowing how to code. That’s all they wanna know 🙂

    1. @Joan_1979:disqus Thanks for being a listener and I like your approach to selling projects. 😉

  2. Chip Chaunamom Avatar
    Chip Chaunamom

    Great segment! Brent hit the nail on the head. Customers don’t care what you use to build a site for them. They just want a solution.

    1. How easy we forget sometimes 🙂

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