Defining the Chief Operating Officer (COO) role at a digital agency

It’s all fun and games until the business starts to grow, and I mean, really grow.

From 1 to 2 people, 2 to 10, 10 to 50 these are moments in your career that not only make or break the company — but will deeply challenge yourself as a business owner.

One of the reasons why I’m personally so attracted to creative agency offerings are there are “no rules.” Meaning, you can provide whatever service you’d like, build any product you desire, and then sell it to any customer you’re willing to chase down. But no rules also means no blueprint either. It’s exciting but potentially dangerous, as you dodge some of the pitfalls that client services work can lead you down.

Appearing on this very podcast 3 years ago to talk about her methodology to maximizing profits for website projects, Lisa Sabin-Wilson returns to share how her position as WebDevStudios COO has expanded. How do you navigate a global pandemic for your customers and your employees — all while hitting record setting revenues? Well, we’ll find out in today’s episode.

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