S5: E4: Davinder Singh Kainth

On today’s episode, we’re talking for the first time with Davinder Singh Kainth.  Davinder is an author and has been published on many sites including BasicWP, Simple Pro Themes, and ProBeaver. Davinder has been creating and implementing online spaces for over a decade. He has experience with web design, development, blogging, and SEO. Recently Davinder is very prominent in the Beaver Builder community and has been creating goodness at ProBeaver.com.


Guests :

Davinder Singh Kainth – Lives in India and is an author at BasicWP, Beaver Builder Pro and Simple Pro Themes. Davinder started his career as a successful technology blogger. He migrated to the Genesis Framework and has created several Genesis themes that can be found at Simple Pro Themes. Davinder has a lot of experience with writing, client products, and services.

What will you  learn in this episode

  • In addition to web design, development and agency work Davinder has created a successful niche product called ProBeaver.com.  (5:20  )
  • You can start your career by working with Upwork (used to be Odesk), freelancer.com or Fiverr. You just need to be competent in the area where you are applying. (7:50)
  • You can become a regular on somebody’s team when working through Upwork. You start low and show your value through your work and build trust. (11:31)
  • In order to not always be competing at bottom dollar projects, you need to be competent in estimating. As the scope and cost of the project increases, your estimate must also increase. (12:00)
  • Balancing work with clients, products, and content is an art. Davinder does not work for longer than 2 hours of focused work without a break. He has to adjust his work schedule to accommodate the US and Australia. (17:11)
  • It helps to get a partner on large projects that complement your skills. (18:09)
  • Davinder’s work is split 60/40 between client work and his personal blog. (19:06)

Lessons from running a small business

  • Have a Plan B when starting out freelancing.  It is very helpful to have another source of income or savings until the freelancing takes off. (20:00)
  • You should stick to one page builder when building client sites. It is fine to experiment with page builders on your personal site. (29:57)
  • While experimenting with AdSense from Google, Davinder found that you are 100% dependent on Google for your success.  You have to constantly be changing with Google’s updates. (35:06)
  • It can be profitable to start a niche for your business. Davinder used to link to Amazon for his first business centered around toddler potty seats. (35:59)
  • Affiliate links with trusted WordPress products can be another revenue stream for your website. (37:00)
  • If you approach something with your heart, you will find success. (37:31)
  • Be confident about pricing your product. You know the value of your work. (39:00)

Advantages of using Beaver Builder

  • Beaver Builder is helping developers create powerful websites and clients can easily manage their sites.  (24:24)
  • Themes are leaning toward builder themes or feature themes that work very well with Beaver Builder. (25:57)
  • Beaver Builder is perfect for the small client that just wants a website with a few pages.
  • Beaver Builder is releasing a new plugin called Beaver Themer that should make building themes even faster. (42:02)
  • The community around Beaver Builder is passionate and very loyal.


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6 responses to “S5: E4: Davinder Singh Kainth”

  1. Davinder is a true gem!
    I have known him for some time now and hearing his story, his growth and success is amazing.

    1. Puneet, thanks for “cool” words!

      Beaver has been lucky for us, right?

  2. Brenda Malone Avatar
    Brenda Malone

    I LOVED this talk, but then I love Davinder anyway, so this was a very cool listen for me. He provides so much wisdom gleaned from his vast experiences. I have listened to his advice and it has all been to my benefit. But, for real, “Joomla does burn your eyes!” LOL.

    And, Matt, you asked just the right question to draw out the best answers. Thank you very much.

    1. Thanks, Brenda 🙂

    2. Thank you so much for lovely words of appreciation.

      “Go learn Joomla and burn your brain”!
      …. so it does burn something, eyes if not brain – HA HA

  3. I have been following Davinder in various WP groups & appreciate the way he actively helps the other members esp in BB & Astra Group.

    Just came across this Podcast and happy to know him & his journey better.

    Thanks Matt for putting this up!

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