S5 E5: Brent Jett

On today’s episode, we’re talking with Brent Jett.  Brent is a lead designer and WordPress developer at Nehmedia. He is an accomplished photographer who loves taking photos. He also loves his beagles and drinking coffee. Brent spends a lot of his time bridging the gap between good design and development at Beaver Builder during his evening hours and weekends.

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Guests :

Brent Jett works for a digital agency called Nehmedia. He is also a major contributor and developer for Beaver Builder working on the 2.0 release along with the Themer development.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • A day working with clients at Nehmedia goes from project discovery all the way to development and launch. (6:35)
  • Working with a team at an agency provides all the expertise needed to build a successful business website for a client. (ex: SEO, design, and development). (9:13)
  • The balance of tasks and persistent knowledge in a project needs to be balanced with the team and the right tools. (11:11)
  • YouTube videos were originally created to share how content creation and curation is done. (13:54)
  • Resist the impulse to be perfect. The web is informal so just be OK with your videos. (17:16)

Lessons from Building a Software Interface:

  • Beaver Builder is a complex application to build where the User Interface (UI) mapping needs to be constantly addressed. (28:09)
  • When developing an application you need to have logical systems in your interface.
  • The math should not drive the design of the product. (29:05)
  • Pagebuilder features should provide power and flexibility. (30:48)
  • You want to do your best to get inside a person’s head the first time they use your product. (37:11)
  • The onboarding experience for the end user is a huge consideration when delivering your software. (39:10)
  • There is nothing better than demonstrating your product. It is better to have a screencast than animation. (40:56)
  • The length of your videos should be measured on where you are going to post your video. Tolerance on YouTube is longer than Facebook. (41:43)
  • A user’s interest needs to be hooked in the first 20 to 30 seconds when presenting video content. (42:50)
  • One-take videos are too hard to record. Pause the recording but do not move the mouse so you can easily edit the screencasts. (45:46)

Advantages of using Beaver Builder

  • A YouTube channel was created for Beaver Builder to provide users with a deeper knowledge of the product.  (25:00)
  • The Beaver Builder slack channel extended the WordPress community for Brent.
  • The Beaver Builder page builder addressed the frustration around the fragmentation of WordPress. (21:24)
  • Balancing field testing with users will provide you with the data to show you where you may be hung up. The challenge is finding the balance between the feedback and development.
  • The design of Beaver Builder 2.0 will have many color choices that were derived directly from the WordPress color guides. (23:26)
  • Workflow needs to be in place and be understood in order to take full advantage of Beaver Builder. (32:31)
    Beaver Builder is great for the first time user all the way to the seasoned professional.  (36:00)

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