Try Curtis McHale’s simple change to produce a significant result

Curtis McHale is a returning guest on the Matt Report. In this return appearance on the Matt Report, Curtis shares how and why his rule of no weeknight TV watching, reading business books, finding clients that view hiring a WordPress developer as an investment, and being candid with clients about understanding software bugs has helped double his income.

Communication is the essential factor to having a successful local or remote outsourcing relationship. If you decide you want to use a source from a place like Elance or oDesk, you need to set up a solid process to find the qualified individual.

As an experienced developer Curtis has a sweet spot for plugin documentation. A plugin with great documentation is a valuable gem. While auto-generated documentation is not enough.

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(Enjoy the unedited intro! 🙂 )

Here’s what you can expect in the interview

(times correspond to video)

1:30 How did Curtis double his income?
6:00 Create a product from a presentation
7:30 Splitting time between business tasks vs using the overlapping technique
10:00 Building a team-virtual or in person
14:00 Outsourcing work to O-desk-putting a process in place to find good match
20:00 Point of failure when delegating
22:00 Hiring a project manager
24:00 Being a developer “in demand” and asking the right questions
26:00 Working with clients that view their website as an investment instead of an expense
31:00 Curtis’ advice when you realize the client’s project will take longer time and more money
36:00 Pay for the business tools that will save you development time
38:30 What makes a well built product that an advanced developer would purchase
41:00 What is a reasonable response time for support to advanced developer

Books and Resources Mentioned

Get Clients Now-CJ Hayden
Book Yourself Solid-Michael Port
Getting Real
View Curtis McHale’s original Matt Report interview in November 2012
Scrivener-for composing long content
Overlap Technique

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3 responses to “Try Curtis McHale’s simple change to produce a significant result”

  1. Matt, when Curtis was talking about vetting oDesk candidates by using a few guidelines, such as setting very high filters for language and programming skills, which really helps to quickly whittle down your list of legitimate candidates, and then giving several the same, small project, I’m fairly sure the podcast he picked those tips up from was Rob Walling’s Startups for the Rest of Us.

    After hearing Rob talk about that, I’ve used the method several times and it made the process infinitely better.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Tony!

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