Content & podcast creator Jeff Large

I normally ignore cold outreach requests to be on my show.

I’ve written about being a great podcast guest, recorded a video about it, and ranted on the topic before. Coincidently, here was Jeff Large reaching out to be on my show right around the time I published the rant video. Boy was he in for a surprise!

I quickly read through his e-mail which wasn’t stacked with overselling his abilities, how his product was great for my audience and didn’t threaten me that “time was running out!” to book him. Yes, I’ve actually had the VA of “famous” internet marketers tell me that I had a limited window of opportunity to secure their boss for an interview.

Hard pass.

So, I asked Jeff to do a podcast swap — I host him on my show, he hosts me on his show — and the deal was done. You can listen to my episode on his podcast, Content Legacy.

Jeff and I have seen each other in passing on Twitter, but it was a greater pleasure to sit with for over 2 hours recording our back-to-back episodes.  We dove into some deep discussions on life after agency ownership, content creation, and what it will take to succeed in business as the internet becomes even noisier.  I really respect Jeff’s passion for podcast creation and wish him the best in business.

I hope you enjoy today’s episode!

Listen to the episode



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