Statamic a WordPress alternative by Jack McDade

It’s undeniable that agency owners and consultants have started to look at alternative WordPress CMS software solutions over the last two years. From talking to people here on the podcast to seeing consultants change business offerings after years in business, I can’t help but feel it’s healthy to know your options.

While we’ve always known that WordPress is just a tool, it was always so hard to let go of the Swiss Army knife that has served us so well for over a decade in place of something new. My gut tells me that “indie” solutions, like Jack McDade’s Statamic, are getting better as software stacks mature and hosting infrastructure costs go down.

In other words, we can get a lot more for our money these days while people like Jack can build a sustainable business around it. I really enjoyed meeting Jack through the magic of podcasting — even if it took a good ‘ol fashioned cold e-mail to connect.

I’d love to know what other alternative CMS or website builder tools you’re using out there. Drop them in the comments below.



2 responses to “Statamic a WordPress alternative by Jack McDade”

  1. Jake Hawkes Avatar
    Jake Hawkes

    I am relatively convinced that Ghost is going to expand beyond just content editing into a robust platform that will change the game. I am really gushing about what John O’Nolan has done as a business, organization, and product. It is pretty inspirational and hell if you aren’t inspired what is the point?

  2. James Avatar

    Lately I’ve been checking Webflow out. Building out the CMS is a breeze. It has some limitations but they’re building things out quite a bit more. It’s been nice not using WordPress. Although, I have to use it at work. Check it out if you don’t already know.

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