Clint Warren: How WordPress Saved His Career

Update: It’s with heavy-heart that I mention Clint’s passing. He will be missed.

Think about why you ventured into client services.

Did you quit your cushy day job for extravagant visions of the 4 Hour Work Week? Perhaps you are purposely driven to help others accomplish their goals through consulting and technology.

Whatever might be at the root of your calling, today’s guest will put you in your place. He’ll challenge you to think of the why you’re doing what you’re doing. Force you to realize that no one other than yourself — not even me — can help you achieve your level of success.  So where did he learn these lessons?


Still interested? I thought so. Meet my good friend, Clint Warren.

The Hustle

I remember my first talk about the Matt Report podcast back at WordCamp Boston 2012. There was this jacked dude, sitting in the front row, with laser beams in his eyes. I tend to walk side to side during my presentations. I don’t know why, it’s just this thing that I do. As I moved around the floor, he didn’t drop eye contact for one single second, which lead me to wonder:

  1. Is this guy going to rush tackle me?
  2. Is he calling bullshit on everything I’m saying?

After my talk was finished, I saw him approaching me. Shit. Here we go. Can I hide behind Jake? He reached out, shook my hand, and said that he really enjoyed the presentation. Phew! We chatted about his business and what he was up to. He had a real passion in his voice and determination to make it successful. If there was anyone in the audience that was going to make a splash, it was him.

That guy, if you haven’t already guessed it, was Clint.

Since our first meeting, his hustle has brought him to a new level of success.  He runs his own digital agency, has a WordPress training platform, successfully ran WordCamp Connecticut 2014 and now is set to win in the coaching space.

Enjoy this episode and be sure to leave a comment below.

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Resource mentioned:

Clint Warren’s Six Figure Freelancer book


6 responses to “Clint Warren: How WordPress Saved His Career”

  1. Ginger Coolidge Avatar
    Ginger Coolidge

    Hi Matt,

    Just listened to this show….I’m continually amazed by all the people in the WordPress space — Clint now took it to another level. I love so much everything he shared. His story obviously has, and will help so many people, I’m just glad to have heard the story myself. Time management and focus is a challenge and I know I can only get better at this 🙂 Fitness is a HUGE issue for all of us and especially techies that tend to sit behind that screen a lot 🙂 It’s therapy for me and I’m glad I’ve gotten back to it. I love that feeling of just being a big ole noodle, completely spent. Please keep us (Matt Report subscribers) updated on his next project when it becomes available on his site.

    1. Thanks Ginger! We’ll be sure to keep you updated. 🙂

  2. lisa b. snyder Avatar
    lisa b. snyder

    Based the experience that Clint’s shared about his success with public speaking-I feel compelled to mention that getting involved in a local Toastmasters club is another way to get more comfortable with public speaking.

    1. Great tip, Lisa!

  3. Listening to this just over a year after it was recorded – and none of the websites seem to be registered at all! (stackedagency, clintwarren et al). Weird.

    1. Hi David,

      Sadly, Clint passed away last year.

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